Superior IM700SXT High-Flow Residential Water Softener

The Superior IM 700SXT is specially designed to accommodate the high flow rates that are required in today’s homes.

This system is designed for both 1″ and 1.25 inch main pipe sizes. Fully ported to accommodate a peak flow rate of 35gpm at a 15psi drop, this is the fastest residential control available in the United States. An extremely high backwash rate assures that resin media and other multimedia will be cleaned properly. The optional Pur-Gard injection system ensures automatic electronic injection of disinfectant and cleaning chemicals during each cleaning cycle as part of a complete water quality management program.

Manufactured with the latest composites, this advanced controller has been engineered to exceed all expectations.

The new 7000SXT control valve with optional Pur-Gard injection features advanced embedded electronic controls for easy programming and a minimum of moving parts. Switches, cams, flappers, wiring harnesses and springs have been completely eliminated from the main operating control. Variable brining, variable reserve, high efficiency programming and field-upgradeable EEPROM are standard features, with Pur-Gard injection and fractional brining technology available as optional upgrades.

The 7000SXT series of water softeners are some of the most advanced and environmentally friendly water systems available today.

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