Superior Scale Off Proof Anti-Scale Water System

Proven results!

Lab tests conducted at the Watts test facility, located in San Antonio, Texas indicate ScaleNet anti-scale. Tests were conducted in water temperature to 120’F and hardness levels of 17 grains per gallon. Photos (below) show scale formation in untreated water and no scale in Scalenet water.


  • Matrix Ceramic coated polymer.
  • Density 1.1 to 1.2 lbs. per cubic foot
  • Weight 650 g/L
  • Capacity 3-5 years based on hardness and chlorine levels.
  • Lifetime 40’F minimum to 140’F maximum (4’C to 60’C)
  • pH 6 to 9 (effective range)

Vortech® Tanks

Vortech tanks are used to provide increased contact time between the ScaleNet media and water for increased performance.


ScaleNet Cartridges

We also supply cartridges with ScaleNet anti-scale media for low flow applications.

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