Superior WV Filox Iron Filters Whole House Water Treatment System

Whole house filters for Iron, Hydrogen Sulfide and Manganese reduction.

Iron is one most common elements found in nature and most ground waters contain a measurable amount of iron. Iron stains bathtubs, toilets, sinks, driveways and it will even stain the side of your house in sufficient concentrations.

WV Filox Iron Fiter Advantages

  • Designed for the whole house water treatment.
  • Highest flow & removal rate of any iron removal media.
  • Multi-purpose media – one system to treat three water problems.
  • No oxidizing chemicals needed for regeneration.
  • Low maintenance.
  • Long life.

*The use of chemicals and oxidizers, such as chlorine, potassium permanganate, and oxygen may be required for both systems to provide the optimal treatment for Iron, Hydrogen Sulfide and Manganese.

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