Water Softener Sanitation

All water treatment systems are susceptible to bacterial contamination. Benign bacteria like HPC’s can lurk in safe city water supplies and slowly colonize traditional water treatment equipment.

Hard Water Problems

We’ll help you understand what’s really going on with your city or well water. Is hard water the real problem or are there more sinister culprits afoot?

What's In Your Water?

Superior Water Softeners builds a path of trust with our customers by keeping them informed on water quality issues before, during and after they purchase a water treatment sulotion from us.

Reverse Osmosis Systems

Water produced by reverse osmosis cost pennies a gallon, compared to several dollars or more for bottled water. Discover how RO can provide you quality water at an affordable price

Environmentally Friendly Valves

Fleck control valves offer environmental benefits to help reduce waste water & smart brining. We believe you deserve only the best in technology!

Quality Water Softeners San Antonio Area

Welcome to Superior Water Softeners, where you become the priority in the industry of water treatment services. Since 2003, top-quality solutions have been delivered to residential and commercial water customers like you, whether you use City or Well water. Your water treatment options encompass a recommended sanitizing solution for all the services provided, such as water softeners, whole-house water filtration systems, or reverse osmosis systems in San Antonio and surrounding areas.

Understanding that as a homeowner, you often feel overwhelmed by the multitude of companies vying for your business. Many of these companies aren’t even licensed and may employ aggressive sales tactics. At Superior Water Softeners, we go beyond a simple sales pitch. The team is trained to help you comprehend how to enhance the quality of your water sourced from your local provider.

During in-home presentations, specific local water quality issues are tackled, and information from Consumer Confidence Reports about contaminants in your drinking water is provided. Empowering homeowners like you with knowledge about the importance of a sanitizing component in any water treatment program is a priority.

Customer education is a priority. Comprehensive information is offered so you can make well-informed choices when selecting a solution for your home. A dedication to customer satisfaction has earned a trusted reputation in the industry.

The mission is clear: to safeguard your investment by assisting you in making informed decisions regarding proper water treatment. With personalized service and expert knowledge, the industry is being revolutionized, and advocacy for clean water solutions is paramount.

Trust Superior Water Softeners to not only deliver effective treatment but also to equip you with knowledge about your water quality. Contact us today and experience the difference where excellence is the standard on your journey to pristine water.

Browse the website at superiorwatersofteners.com for more information about Superior Water Softeners. If you have any questions or would like to speak with a representative, feel free to call (210) 415-0797.

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