Superior E-Treat QT Carts Three State Water Filtration System

Environmentally Friendly Drinking Water Systems

With Quick Twist Replacement Elements!

The ideal, low cost alternative to reverse osmosis technology!

  • No tank
  • No reject water
  • No pressure problems
  • No sumps
  • No mess
  • No fuss
  • Easy installation
  • Low cost

Three stage filtration system with sediment, carbon block and hollow fiber membrane filter elements.

Costumer benefits:

  • Great tasting drinking water for only pennies a gallon!
  • No trips to the store to buy bottled water!
  • Flow shuts off when cartridges are removed.
  • Wide range of cartridges, including sediment, carbon block and hollow fiber membrane.

Drinking water systems (with bracket, tapping valve & tubing; faucet additional).

Replacement elements

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