I searched around looking for water softener services because the tap water in my new house tasted horrible! I called Richard over at Superior Water to see what they had to offer. Their prices were better than any one else (apples to apples) and they were able to have my unit installed within 3 days of my saying yes. Richard spent ample time with me making sure that I knew how it worked, how to use it, and the value that came from using it over the next several years. He also made sure i had his cell phone number in-case i had any questions. Great Service!!!

Janet Keiffer

What I thought I knew about water softeners, before meeting with Richard Garcia, changed once he educated me on what a water softener is capable of cleaning out of the water and what it leaves in the softener after cleaning out the rock it collects. Richard not only understand this but explain how his products sanitize and clean out organic matter at the same time it regenerates its self to clean out the rock it collects. Not to mention water pressure drops water softeners can have base what type of product a company decides to sales you. After meeting with Richard I decided I not only trusted his knowledge, but founded more valve in his product than any other company I considered.


Richard Garcia and his company are true professionals knowledgeable, skilled, and very professional with a true customer service attitude. Recently, I had a leak problem and called at 9:45 P.M. to leave a voice mail, and Richard answered ! He was at my home in 30 minutes, and put an end to my leak, then returned the next day for the final fix. His rates are very reasonable and, like the name of his company, the service is SUPERIOR ! And the equipment is the best I have had in over 50 years of home ownership.

Mike McGinley

I have one of Superiors systems and it is FANTASTIC. Richard explained everything from start to finish. He and his team were professional and helpful. I had a Culligan system that I had paid over $6000 for and I threw it out to buy one of Superior Water Softner's systems. Their softners are longer lasting, more powerful, have a higher filtration and a LOT cheaper than other systems. I highly recommend that you call them to come install one in your home.


Superior was wonderful Mr. Garcia And i met after I had appointments with 3 other companies who quoted over 5 thousand dollars, one was ever $8000.00 with a $1000.00 discount if I signed up that night.

Mr. Garcia took time to explain my water report and how his system worked compared to others. I decided to go with their services not only because of the price, but because he was willing to walk away without pressuring us to sign up right away.

France Medrano

After years of trying to talk my husband into getting a water softener, he finally agreed, once he met Richard. Richard not only had the best price, but he has the best knowledge of whats in our water. Richard is all about educating his clients, not selling his product. He wants to make sure you have all the info available and then you decide what type of water treatment you want. Superior Water Softeners is the ONLY way to go!

Barbara Prudhomme

My wife and I were very frustrated over the information we received from the plumbing contractors who installed our water softener 2 years ago. They told us that it was not the right softener for our needs and it was not working and would need to be replaced. My wife did not believe this was true for a softener that was hardly 2 years old. We wanted a second opinion. Mr Garcia helped us very much. He came out to the house and looked at the softener, check the water pressure. He informed us that the softener was working and was sufficient for a 2 person household. He tested the water and it was being soften. Mr Garcia informed me about the high water pressure in our area of San Antonio and the reasons for the pressure regulator valve. He also instructed me in the correct salt to use in the softener. It was something the plumbing company did not tell us. We appreciate Mr Garcia help.

Mark McKinney
Home Owner

Superior has it right in the name! Richard was very knowledgeable about my existing system from just a glance, and was able to fix our issues by installing a sanitizing feed that eliminated that 'slimy' feeling. Would highly recommend them to anyone!

Ben Crow

I woke up one Sunday morning and noticed a water leak in my front yard. I called Richard and he said he would stop by and take a look after Church. I was grateful he took time to help me out on a Sunday morning. Richard dug near the leak and discovered that I had a broken pipe due to my foundation settling. He advised me to look around my house for any signs of foundation shifting and he also fixed the leak. Richard is true professional who is committed to his clients.

Gustavo Jimenez

Mr. Garcia was one of 4 consultants that came to talk to us about purchasing a water treatment / softening system for our home. We moved forward with him and have absolutely no regrets. His follow up after the sale was just as good as before and he was extremely professional all the way through. Through visiting with 4 different vendors we had also learnt how to accurately compare different systems and his system was by far the most reasonable cost for the performance it gave. If we had to do this again or recommend a water softening company to family or friends we would definitely recommend Mr. Garcia. For us this was one of the single largest investments we made while renovating our home and we are very glad we chose to use Superior Water Softeners for this investment. Don't make a mistake, choose Mr. Garcia! Our water is soft without having the 'sticky' feel that some softened water has, our pressure remained consistent throughout the house and our dishwasher and bathroom fixtures are easier to clean and stay cleaner for longer. Our water also tastes AMAZING!

M & K Warrilow
Home Owners - San Antonio

Superior Water was outstanding company to get water treatment products and services. The owner, Richard, was very knowledgeable, experienced, and has exceptional customer service skills. Moreover, he was not pushy and did not try pulling any “Bait and Switch” or other typical sales tactics other companies I received estimates from tried.

I moved into a new home and wanted to get a quality water softener because where I moved has extremely hard water; I also wanted a reverse osmosis installed because it is an awesome device and you NEVER need to buy water from a store again. I had 3 other estimates and each company offered what they felt I needed. I knew some was overkill or not the right system for my family. Moreover, each one of those companies wanted me to make a decision on the spot and were very pushy to get that decision. Giving an investment of this magnitude, I do not like to make rushed decisions. I like to weigh my options, talk with my wife, and evaluate everything. Superior Water did not try to rush me. He gave me a price which was very fair and gave me a few days to come to a decision.

After deciding to go with Superior Water, scheduling, installation, and customer service was all top notch! Superior Water was on time and prepared, these are 2 qualities that are super important when someone is on a tight schedule to move.

Finally, if you decide to go with Superior Water, I highly recommend using their annual service checkups. Not only does it keep up your equipment warranty, but Superior Water offers other labor incentives because they are maintaining your system. I have maintained a water softener and reverse osmosis (big box store variety) and it is not fun. Water is such an important resource for you and your family. Save yourself a lot of headaches and have Superior Water install and maintain your water treatment needs.

Christopher D.

When my wife and I bought a home a few years ago we knew we wanted a water softener but we knew nothing about them. Our home was built in a new area and we had at least three different door to door salesmen stop by trying to convince us that their system was the best. They used a lot of scare tactics and really tried to pressure us into going through them. Not to mention that their prices were in the $8000 range which was outrageous. After a good bit of research we reached out to Richard Garcia due to his outstanding ratings and reviews. He never once tried to pressure us into buying his system and spent a lot of time educating us on the ins and outs of owning his system. Needless to say we bought a system through him, which was substantially leads money than the other guys. Three years later it is still running like a champ and Richard is still involved in making sure all of the preventative maintenance is taken care of and that our system is running smoothly. If you live in San Antonio you won't find anything close to what you get here. Thanks Richard!

-Brian & Amanda H.

Brian Hepburn

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