Hard Water Issues

The San Antonio Area is one of the highest areas of hard water in the U.S.

  • Deposit encrusting scale in plumbing and water using appliances.
  • Scale build up can increase energy bills by 25% or more!
  • Reduces flow capacity.
  • Decreases the efficiency of the heater.
  • Increases energy needed to heat

How hard water affects you


  • Hard on clothes — Clothes washed in hard water tend to wear out 15 percent faster than those washed in soft water.
  • Hard on washers — The American Water Works Association has found that washing machines that use hard water can wear out up to 30 percent faster than those that use soft water.
  • Hard on dishes — Hard water can leave an unsightly film build-up on glasses and dishes.
  • Hard on you — When you bathe in hard water, deposits are left behind which may leave your hair looking dull and your skin dry. Shaving is also more difficult in hard water. And hard water leaves a filmy soap ring around bathroom fixtures, making bathroom and kitchen clean up more difficult.
  • Hard on budgets — Hard water requires 70 to 90 percent more soap, shampoo, or detergent than soft water, so your everyday products don’t stretch nearly as far

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