Superior WF-7000 Clean Water System

Easy to program!

7000 electronic softeners are easy to program and are highly reliable, plus manual operation is possible should power be disrupted!

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The Service You Deserve

Service means clean water delivered at a superior flow rate meeting & exceeding the standards of the Unified Plumbing Code. This system has a 10-year warranty including the electronics.

Superior WF 7000: Features & Benefits

  • 1″ valve for high flow / backwash rates.
  • Easy to program Fleck 7000 valves.
  • Variable brining is standard.
  • Variable reserve is standard.
  • Quick connect fittings (some connections).
  • Models for capacities to 210,000 grains.
  • Top quality components are used.
  • Fully assembled, ready for installation.
  • Brine tanks with grid plate for maximum saturation of brine.
  • 1-1/4″ distribution system.
  • Air check so air can’t enter the system.
  • Illumination for micron switches optional

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